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If you're living in your home while it is on the market, our occupied staging service will add the WOW factor to the home while keeping it comfortable for you to live in. We will use your existing furniture and accessories and supplement with items from our own inventory to create a warm and stylish interior.  

For occupied staging we always start with a consultation ($175). 

We bring all the inventory needed to turn your vacant house into a warm and welcoming home. Buyers will immediately see the great potential that the home has to offer; there will be no guesswork as to whether their furniture will fit, which room is which and what piece of furniture goes where. In short, visitors will be able to see themselves living here.


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Our redesign service offers a cost-effective solution to updating your current decor, getting your new home move-in ready or helping you solve design challenges. We have the expertise to transform your home, or a room of your choice, into a beautiful and functional space that reflects your personal taste and fits your lifestyle. We use what you already own while supplementing with new items to complete the look. We help you pick wall paint, and even take care of the shopping for you!


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